Why Women Only Tours?

First of all, I do arrange all kinds of travel, couples, family etc. You can get more info on this at http://www.tripdesigner.ca

This website is designed specifically for the women traveler.

We are here to answer your questions about travel, traveling with a group, or putting together your own group of traveling friends,.

You most likely have spent the greater part of your life looking after other people. Maybe your life has changed drastically - are you now looking at an empty house where backpacks and shoes used to gather at the front door?

Have you always wanted to take a culinary tour of Italy, but your husband has no interest? Would you like to take a trip of a lifetime with your daughters? We welcome women of all ages on our tours, but typically find they appeal to the 40+ age group.

We will customize any kind of tour you are looking for, or you can join one of our existing group tours.

  • solo travel
  • wellness retreats
  • spa getaways
  • yoga getaways
  • girlfriend getaways
  • adventure tours
  • culinary tours
  • art and culture tours
  • shopping tours
  • special interest tours
  • weekend getaways
  • beach getaways
  • photography tours
  • wine tours

Who am I?

My name is Marlain Wietzes, I am an independent affiliate agent with Travel Professionals International, I am a Virtuoso Member agent and I am the founder of chicktrips.

I have worked in the travel industry for over 30 years, starting way back to 1985 when I was a reservations agent with Wardair. I also worked at Wardair Holidays, Kintetsu International Express, Rider-BTI Travel, Maritz Travel Group, Carlson Wagonlit Travel. In 2004, my youngest son was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes and I became an independent agent with Travel Professionals International. This allowed me the flexibility I needed for the kids. There never was a question of whether I could do the job, but getting the business was another story, but here's where I started (aside from friends and family). I had a client who came to me at my previous job to plan a family group trip to celebrate a big birthday. We spent a lot of time planning, and my boss at the time commented a few times that this client seemed to be very time consuming. This lady was a very successful business woman and she was the first person I contacted to let her know that I had started my own business, she loved having her own personal travel agent, and I took care of her business and personal travel and as her business grew, there were also off-site meetings and events. But the main thing that I discovered is that women like to network with other women, and help them succeed in business.  Through my first client, I was introduced to other women entrepeneurs and since then have been building my business one client at a time.





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