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At this point most of us are all pretty tech savvy, able to do just about anything online right? For many of you that may also mean booking your travel online too. Simple flights are generally pretty easy to book – and frankly for just flights I typically have to charge a service fee to book for you, as it is the only way I get paid for my time. Maybe you go to the same all-inclusive every year, so you already know exactly what you want. Am I out of the country traveling? Don’t want to bother me on the weekend or holidays?

Well I have added a booking engine on my TPI website Main site. Feel free to use it to book your simple flights, packages, hotels etc. I will receive notice that you have booked, and then I will check everything over to make sure it’s all good. It is just like any other online booking site, and you will get the same prices and information. The difference is you will still be supporting my business (I earn commission from the tour operators = support me vs a large corporation), and I will still be there to help you if you need assistance.

Think of the online booking tool as an enhancement to my service, not a replacement – I am still here to work with you. So don’t hesitate to contact me to help you decide your next destination or choose your resort. If it’s complicated or you are looking to design a custom experience – make sure you reach out to me directly.

I hope this tool will put me in touch with more of you!

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