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Chicktrips is a division of Tripdesigner. TripDesigner

What is a tripdesigner? 


trip: /trip/ noun: an act of going to a place and returning; a journey or excursion, especially for pleasure

de-sign-er: /de ziner/ designer noun: a person who plans the form, look, or workings of something before it’s being made or built, typically by drawing or creating in some detail. /synonyms: creator, planner, inventor, originator, maker, architect, builder, tailor

Our Complete Suite of Services:

All Inclusive Travel
All inclusive travel remains the most popular winter travel experience for Canadians. While you can book your travel online, why would you? We can provide the same packages at the same price as you will find online, and we will provide support along the way. From picking out the right destination and resort, providing documents and guidebooks to assistance if something goes wrong. Like this resort but not the airline provided by the package? We can often un-package a trip and provide you with the same hotel but with better flight times. Do you know exactly what you want? Have you already found it online? You can book your own packaged travel through my TPI website at It's the same as any other online booking engine, Except you have my support and assistance. 

Cruising gains in popularity every year, right now the biggest trends are with river cruising and expedition cruises. As a Virtuoso Member, we have access to hundreds of cruise deals, and added amenities. Whether it is a Caribbean cruise, an Alaskan cruisetour, a Mediterranean or River cruise, an Antarctic Expedition, a Galapagos cruise, or a Trans-Atlantic voyage on the Queen Mary, let us help you navigate through the different options available to you.

Destination Weddings
Specialists in group travel, we can plan your Destination Wedding from beginning to end. Do you have a group of 10 or more? Talk to us about the advantages that could be available to you. Whether it is a destination wedding or a family reunion, we will create the perfect experience for you. Read more on our Destination Weddings page.

Customized Travel
Independently designed travel, private tours, bespoke experiences, luxury travel – this is where we shine. These are the kind of travel arrangements that you cannot find online. We work with you to design an itinerary that fits how you travel. This is why becoming a Virtuoso Member in 2017 was such a big deal to my business. Through the worldwide connections within our market, I can work with Virtuoso suppliers virtually anywhere in the world to customize your travel experience. 

Groups, Meetings and Incentives
There are many different ways in which people will travel as a group, Within this sector I work a lot with organizations that are looking for an easier way to move groups of people from one place to another. It could be a youth group leaving their country for the first time ever to travel on an earned trip of a lifetime, or it could be a client that provides a unique adventure opportunity. Or it could be a totally corporate driven need.
One of the best ways to motivate your employees or group is with travel. Whether you are looking to hold an offshore meeting for your sales reps to launch new products or an exotic destination incentive trip for your best clients – we can arrange everything from beginning to end. I have expedited groups from 5 people to 200 people within all areas of this type of travel.


We specialize in designing custom travel and are known for our ability to create unique experiences. Whether you are a solo-female traveler, planning a trip with a group of girlfriends, or as a couple. Or you are looking to create a perfect family memory - we take the time to create the travel experience you are looking for. 

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