Mother-Daughter Trip

My daughter Megan is 31 years old! wow, where did the time go? I have been promising Megan a trip like this for about 18 years. So when she told me she would be interested in joining me on a trip to Ireland, I figured we might as well invite some people to join us. I also felt this could be the start of a wonderful travel series for other women and their daughters to have a real chance to spend time together as adults, to share the mystery of traveling to a far off land. Let’s visit the epic scenery depicted in the movies we watch and the novels we read, let’s stay in a castle, kiss the Blarney stone, see where the Titanic was built, and for some of us feel the land where our ancestors came from.

So here is my thought process on this, the date is not yet set in stone, I planned the date around when college / university students would be done, but I did not think about school teachers – so if you are interested in joining us, and you are a teacher – let me know.

Airmiles / Points bookings. When it comes to flights a trip like this is often made affordable by using your points for your flights. I can guide you through this process and in some cases make your booking for you. Points cannot be used for booking the group tour.

Yes for us it is a mother – daughter trip, and I would love to see other m/d teams join us. But – don’t let that count you out. If you want to bring your friend, or your sister, or come by yourself – it’s all good.


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