the Jane Goodall Collection

The Jane Goodall Collection by G Adventures is a selection of 20 incredible, wildlife-focused tours endorsed by world-renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall. These small-group adventures give travellers unique opportunities to see some of the planet’s most fascinating animals, while at the same time, respecting their freedom. From the shores of the Galápagos Islands to the banks of the Amazon, the forests of Uganda, and beyond, the Jane Goodall Collection will introduce you to the world in ways you’ve never imagined.
For the past four decades, the Jane Goodall Institute has worked to foster deeper understanding of great apes and to protect their natural habitats. G Adventures is proud to partner with the Institute to create awareness about, and support for, their mission to protect wildlife and empower local communities.
Together, we can make a World of Good for all creatures.

Why I have chosen to do a Jane Goodall tour is a no-brainer, Jane is inspiring, her work is meaningful and the little girl in all of us, has wanted to be like Jane at some point in our lives.

UPDATE – This trip is cancelled due to lack of participation. If it is something you are interested in – let me know

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